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Easynex was born in 2010 in the wake of one of its founders'  innovative and winning experience in a major Italian company.

The shareholder structure is composed of Senior Executives with extensive experience in multinational companies operating in the fields of industry and management consulting both in Italy and abroad.


Silvia Fossati


Silvia Fossati

Physics degree at the University of Milan. She started her professional career in 1992 in Accenture where she partecipated and then coordinated large organizational and technological projects for big Italian Companies of automotive, energy and utilities markets. In 1997 she moves to EMI Music where she remains until 2007 with the role of Italy IT Director and then IT Regional Head Southern Europe. In 2007 she becomes Group CIO of Trussardi fashion house where she remained until 2010. In 2010 she founded Easynex of which is currently the CEO.
Fausta Pavesio

Fausta Pavesio

Information Science degree at the University of Turin.
After her first ten years in Fiat and Olivetti, she starts her consulting career in 1988 with MIDA (consulting company later merged with Ernst&Young). Moves to the USA in 1994 where she works freelance for a number of companies and serves as the chairman of the Columbia World Affairs Council.
In 1998, once again in Italy, she is co-founder and CEO of Net4Value (later Grapes), one of the first Italian companies in the e-business arena. In 2000 she is co-founder and VP of VPWeb - the ICT Company of Value Partners Group, later Value Team, recently sold to NttData.
She has been working since 2007, as an independent advisor for corporate and ICT governance with a special focus on innovation.  She serves as Director of Easynex, President of IMBIK, and she is a member of the Advisory Board of Facility Live and a member of the Board of Directors of Club TI Milano.


Professional values
Integrity, excellence and a professional attitude are the values that daily guide us in our work
We have the strength to propose innovative solutions that we believe in
Our approach is pragmatic and collaborative: we aim for results that are clear, quick, and quantifiable


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